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Category: BESSEY ANGLE STRAP CLAMP (1 records) Patio Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Tools, Lighting and MORE!! - Sunday, July 14th, 2019 7:30 PM

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21 T21-1.jpgProduct Name: Bessey 23 Ft. Variable Angle Strap Clamp 
Model #: VAS-23+2K
Specifications: This rapid acting 23 ft. strap clamp makes clamping round or irregular shaped objects a much easier task. Clamping irregular shapes with strap clamps is not a new idea; however, most clamps of this style exert force (pull) in only one direction and this can easily distort the work piece. The BESSEY VAS-23+2K is different as it pulls equally on both ends of the strap, eliminating the chance of distorting your work piece to one side. The high tensile woven polyester strap is extremely strong and there is a built in take-up reel that neatly stores the excess strap.
Condition: New
Retail Open Box/Return Item, in original packaging. Please use preview to determine completeness. 

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