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Category: HUSKY WRENCH SET (1 records) Patio Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Tools, Lighting and MORE!! - Sunday, July 14th, 2019 7:30 PM

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124 T124-1.jpgProduct Name: Husky 100-Position Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrench Set Metric (6-Piece)
Model #: H100FLRW6PCMMN
Set includes 6 locking flex-head wrenches : 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 mm
Flex-head rotates 180°
Flex-head securely locks in 9 different positions
Surface grip open-end design provides up to 80% more grip and a reduces the risk of rounding fasteners
100-position ratcheting box end has an ultra narrow 3.6° arc swing
Universal design box-end works on 6-point, 12-point, square, spline, E-torx and partially rounded hex fasteners
Longer overall length than standard wrenches allows for better access in tight spaces
Laser etched size marking stand out on the black finish for easy identification
Industrial black finish provides corrosion resistance and added durability
Package doubles as a storage rack to keep your wrenches organized and in 1 place
Chamfered lead-ins help to provide fast and easy placement onto fasteners
Condition: New. No Box. 
Retail Open Box/Return Item, in original packaging. Please use preview to determine completeness. 

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